3P Backflow Prevention Valve UNO DN100


Operating principle

The backflow flap only allows the water to flow in one direction.

A hinge joint ensures that the rainwater tank overflows during normal operation.

If water were to flow in the opposite direction, the flap closes and prevents dirt from flowing into the rainwater tank.

The flap is also provided with a special seal.

3P Backflow Prevention Valve DN 100 prevents the backflow of any contaminated water entering the rainwater tank.

It is suitable for installation in tubes DN 100 and exists of a standard backflow security. The backflow prevention valve allows the water flow only into one direction. A knuckle makes sure that the overflow of the rainwater tank works under normal conditions. If the water flows in the other direction, the valve would close and prevents that dirt is floating into the rainwater tank. The valve has a special sealing, integrated.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 850 mm x 260 mm

Material: Polyethylene

Weight: ca. 1,1 kg


Backwater is when wastewater from the sewer network is pushed back into the connected underground pipes. Large amounts of precipitation, but also overloading of the sewer system, unplanned discharges, operational failures of pumps or narrowed cross-sections can be the causes.

The municipalities are not liable for damage caused by sewer backwater. They therefore recommend or prescribe backflow protection for buildings that are located in endangered sewer sections.

Since backflow damage is usually not covered by household or building insurance, the homeowner can take out additional insurance. But even here there can be restrictions.

The 3P backflow flap prevents dirty water from entering the rainwater storage tank in the event of backflow. It is suitable for installation in DN 100 pipes.

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