3P Calmed Inlet DN250


Operating principle

  1. The rain water flows into the Giant Calmed Inlet through a DN250 pipe.
  2. As it flows through the calmed inlet the velocity of the water slows down substantially and enters the rainwater tanks with no turbulence.
  3. The calmed rainwater supplies more oxygen to the rainwater in the lower parts of the tank, therefore keeping the water fresh by preventing anaerobic decomposition.

Provides a calmed inlet for rainwater in larger storage tanks.

Dirt particles denser than water sink to the bottom of a rainwater tank and form a sediment layer. The Giant Calmed Inlet prevents the incoming rainwater from disturbing this settled sediment layer, keeping the water free of dirt particles.

The Giant Calmed Inlet also supplies the lower water layers within the tank with oxygen so that it remains fresh.

Ideal for the use in large-scale installations. It is suitable for DN 250 plastic pipe.

The calmed inlet represents the second cleaning step in the rainwater tank.

Tanks fitted with 3P Overflow Siphons and 3P Calmed Inlets become eligible for the ECA scheme.

Technical Data

Pipe connection size: DN 250

Material: Polyethylene

Weight: 6 kg


Connecting a DN 250 plastic pipe.

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