3P Floating Pump Intake with hose


Operating principle

The floating ball makes sure that the suction basket of the floating pump intake is always situated aprox. 15 to 20 cm below the water surface. It ensures that no water directly from the surface (which is often charged with a film of grease and powder) can be sucked in.

3P Floating Pump Intake with 2 m suction pipe for the extraction of the cleanest rainwater from the storage tank.

The Floating Pump Intake represents the 4th cleaning step in the rainwater system.

For the connection of PE-pipes, Ø 32 mm.

Consisting of:
Floating ball Ø 15 cm
Filter inlet sleeve (mesh width 1,2 mm)
Check valve 1"
Connection spouts
Rack for 1"-PE-pipes
2 m suction pipe

Technical Data

Floating ball Ø 15 cm with two ears.
Material: Polyethylen

Filter basket made of stainless steel with 1" AG made of plastic
Mesh size 1,2 mm

Check Valve 1" made of brass
Hose clip Ø 32 mm, 1" AG made of brass

2 m suction pipe Ø 36 mm
Special suction pipe, resists biological growth.
High quality. Food safe.

Weight: 2,3 kg


Floating pump intake installed in a concrete tank.

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