3P Floating Pump Intake


Operating principle

The 3P Intake floats at all times, suspended just below the water surface where the cleanest water lies. From this position the water is extracted by the pump. A ball float, filled with air, suspends the intake, which has a further filter and a check valve.

The Floating Pump Intake represents the 4th cleaning step in the rainwater system.

For the extraction of the cleanest rainwater from the storage tank.

Consisting of:
Floating ball, diameter 15 cm
Filter inlet sleeve (mesh width 1,2 mm)
Check valve, 1"
Connection spouts

For the connection of suction pipes Ø 36 mm.

Technical Data

Floating ball Ø 15 cm with two ears.
Material: Polyethylen

Filter basket made of stainless steel with 1" AG made of plastic Mesh size 1,2 mm

Check Valve 1" made of brass Hose clip Ø 32 mm, 1" AG made of brass with rubber seal

Weight: 0,5 kg

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