3P Flow Regulator 1″


Operating principle

The connection is installed at the height of the outflow. The flow regulator is situated between filter basket and brass spout. It consists of graded steps which are crosscut according to the required quantity.

3P Flow Regulator for attenuation tanks.

The outlet port floats, as with a floating pump intake, so ensuring a constant head of water and so a constant discharge rate. The float position also ensures suspended materials from tank water surface do not enter any soakaway structure.

Technical Data

Floating ball Ø14 cm
Material: Polyethylen

Hose: 1,5 m

Material connection parts: Brasz

Material house clamps: Stainless steel

Weight: 1,3 kg

Flow rates in litres per second
0,05 Q l/sec
0,10 Q l/sec
0,15 Q l/sec
0,25 Q l/sec
0,27 Q l/sec
0,30 Q l/sec
0,40 Q l/sec
0,50 Q l/sec


3P Flow Regulator installed at the emergency overflow DN 100. 3P Attenuation and Infiltration Filter installed.

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