3P Pump base


Operating principle

With the floating pump intake below the water surface the cleanest water can be sucked in.

Because of the floating ball the intake is being kept scarcely below the water surface where you can find the cleanest water of the rainwater tank.

3P Submersible Pump Base with floating pump intake.

Housing to fix a submersible pump on the bottom of a rainwater tank and to connect floating or fixed suction fine filters to the submersible pump, as per the different requirements.

This protects the pump from sucking up sediment and it increases the safety of every rainwater installation. To support submersible pumps in the storage tank and to protect them from dirt. With floating pump intake. Diameter of 130 mm.

Technical Data

Material pump base: Polyethylen
Rubber seal: EPDM
Screw, screw nuts, grommets and screw terminals of stainless steel. Tulles and fittings made of brass.

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