3P Rapid Connection


Operating principle

The sealing sleeve is pushed over the pipe, then the connector. The screws are loosened.

In the next step, the pipe socket to be assembled is butted onto the pipe, the sealing sleeve is pushed in half over both pipes, as is the connector.

Tighten the screws until the connector can no longer be turned.

Plastic clamp with a diameter of DN 100 for the safe assembly of pipes on pipe connections in the rainwater storage tank.

Consists of: plastic clamp DN 100, an EPDM sealing collar and 2 stainless steel screws with nuts and washers

Technical Data

Width: 9 cm
Inner diameter: DN 100
Material clamp: polyethylene
Material seal: EPDM
Material M8 screws, nuts and washers: stainless steel
Weight: 0,3kg

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