3P Retention Regulator


Operating principle

The baffle mounted on the regulator can be set in 5 different positions (see scale of technical data). In front of this baffle there is another baffle with a corrugated extract. This baffle is being moved through a floating ball depending on the water level. Due to this the corrugated opening narrows or dilates. Thus, having a constant amount of water independent from the water level. A pair of brushes situated in front of the baffle is cleaning the corrugated opening with every move. Thus, no aerosols can be accumulated at the opening.

Appliance for installation in attenuation tanks.

3P Retention Regulator takes care of a regular drainage. The amount of regulation is adjustable (5 steps). Due to the flexible arm and brushes which are mounted on the retention we can guarantee that the opening of the regulator cannot be contaminated and is therefore low-maintenance.

Technical Data

Blue retention corpus: DN 100
Material: Polyethylen

Material baffle and arm:
Stainless steel of different composition

Material floating ball: Polyethylen

Material brushes: PVC and Polyethylen

Weight : 2,3 kg

Flow rate in litre per second

Blend A = 0,40 Q l/sec
Blend B = 0,35 Q l/sec
Blend C = 0,30 Q l/sec
Blend D = 0,20 Q l/sec
Blend E = 0,10 Q l/sec


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