Sedimentation plant

Stormwater Treatment with 3P Hydroshark Gully ®

Operating principle

Operating principle
  1. The water flows in tangentially in the center of the hydrodynamic separator.
  2. Solids settle to the bottom, floating solids remain on the water surface
  3. solids are collected in the sludge trap, which is hydraulically separated from the treatment chamber by flow breakers and a grate, so that remobilization does not occur
  4. The water rises evenly on the side walls
  5. The purified water is collected in an annular space by a weir and then transported to the outlet.
  6. Outlet

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Sedimentation plant

Sedimentation plant drawings


DN 750

PDF 150

The 3P Hydroshark Gully combines the cleaning efficiency of a larger system with the decentralized idea of stormwater treatment through its unique mode of operation.

It can be used to remove coarse materials, sediments, light materials and particulate matter from stormwater from streets and squares in a standard DN 800 manhole in the smallest possible space so that it can be discharged into the receiving water or even infiltrated, depending on the local conditions.

A redesign is not necessary, because with its connectable area of 500 sqm and its suitability as a head inlet or for a lateral connection it can be included in conventional planning and replaces the "normal" drains as a decentralized treatment plant 1:1.

It thus combines simple planning and design with simple installation and maximum ease of maintenance, since all that is needed is a standard suction hose and trolley. The emptying of sludge buckets is completely unnecessary, as they are no longer required with this system.

Sedimentation plant Technical data

Hydroshark Gully
  • Connectable area: Up to 500 sqm
  • Connections: DN 150 - 200
  • Inlet possible laterally or as head inlet
  • Installation in a standard wet sludge collector DN 800
  • Minimal loss of height
  • Easy maintenance with standard maintenance equipment

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