BIRCOpur ®


Operating principle

Operating principle
  1. The water flows from both sides into the drain channel
  2. The sedimentation box removes coarse materials such as leaves and sand from the water. A rubber seal prevents water flowing around the channel.
  3. The water pre-treated in this way is fed to a filter cushion, where it is cleaned through filtration, adsorption, chemical precipitation and biological conversion.
  4. The cleaned water collects underneath the filter and be seeped on site or discharged into a surface water.

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BIRCOpur ®

The drain with cleaning function has several advantages over other systems.

The treatment of the water takes place directly under the surface of the terrain, therefore the system is simple to inspect and maintain. The filter material is not placed loose in the channel, it is contained in cushions. These are simple to remove and clean. According to the building authority approval the filter cushions only have to be replaced after 10 years.

The filter system removes pollutants such as heavy metals, mineral oil hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the stormwater.

Apart from that it binds nutrients such as phosphates. The combination of solids separator and filter works both on particles and on dissolved water ingredients. The treatment plant can be used with traffic areas such as car parks and roads with all volumes of traffic as well as industrial areas. Stormwater run-offs can be cleaned to the extent that they can be discharged into surface waters or the groundwater. The modular design allows use in virtually all catchment areas. Maintenance is straightforward and can be carried out by your own personnel. No special equipment is necessary.

Technical data

Bircopur approvals
  • Nominal internal width of the channel: 0.30 m
  • Connectable area: 20 m2 to 150 m2 depending on the degree of treatment level
  • Design rainfall intensity: 300 l/(s·ha)
  • Maximum flow rate: 0.6 l/s·m
  • Maximum filtration capacity: 0.6 l/s·m


Bircopur approvals
  • General building authority approval from the DIBt, Z-84.2-10
  • Tested according to requirements of DWA A 102
  • On the LANUV list of the State of NRW
  • Tested in accordance with the NJDEP protocol
  • In-situ measurements available

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