Stormwater treatment plant Hydrosystem 10,000

Stormwater treatment with 3P Hydrosystem ®

Operating principle

  • Decentralized solution using a modular filter system for large areas to be connected and high flow rates
  • Individually adapted decentralized solution as a filter structure with filters of type Hydrosystem 1000 or Hydrosystem 1500 and an upstream sedimentation unit
  • Two-stage system, sedimentation unit and filtration unit
  • Decentralized solution with few operating points for large catchment areas

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Stormwater treatment system

Stormwater treatment system drawings

Central solution for rainwater



The decentralized solution for rainwater

For larger catchment areas or higher flow rates, it is possible to individually combine a certain number of filter elements.

For such filter structures, sedimentation and filtration are separated, i.e. a sedimentation unit must be installed before the actual filter unit. The planning is done on a case-by-case basis according to the conditions of the catchment area and the purification objective. This can be designed as a semi-centralized as well as a decentralized solution. By detaching the sedimentation plant, there are no limits to the decentralized solutions and thus the sedimentation plant or even several, depending on the conception of the project, can be installed at the point of origin and the filter unit can be detached from it as a semicentralized solution at a favorable location. The plants can be designed as direct-flow filter units. It should be noted that each filter compartment must be shut off for maintenance purposes.

The quality of the purified water of this decentralized solution for rainwater treatment is so high that it can be discharged directly into surface waters. In the system, rainwater is purified by sedimentation, adsorption, filtration and chemical precipitation. In the first step, the water passes through a sedimentation unit where solids are safely removed. Then, in a second structure, the water passes through a series of filter elements in an upflow process. Depending on the purification target (heavy metals, phosphorus), the filter elements can be filled with adapted filter materials. The elements are easily replaceable. Which further supports the approach of the decentralized solution for rainwater treatment.

Stormwater treatment plant Technical data

Central solution for rainwater

  • Dimensions of the concrete structure:

  • Minimum height loss between inlet and outlet:
    25 cm

  • Connectable area:
    > 10,000 m² depending on the pollution and the cleaning objective

  • Maximum flow rate:

  • Maximum filtration capacity:


Central solution for rainwater

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