Investment in a sustainable and economical solution for the
treatment of the Stormwater runoff

In 2017/2018, the GfA company in Neuss invested in the expansion of its existing company building. In doing so, the market leader of industrial door drives relied on a sustainable and economic solution for the treatment of the accruing precipitation water on its company building.

In detail, the concepts were implemented as follows:

A compact storage tank from the manufacturer PK Regenwassermanagement as well as a deeper compact infiltration system from the same manufacturer with a total volume of about 365 m³ were used. With the help of the 3P Hydrosystem 1500, the rainwater is purified with regard to dissolved pollutants, such as heavy metals, in a targeted manner before it enters the infiltration system. Particulate pollutants such as leaves and pollen are also safely retained by the stormwater treatment system.

For the entire project, the client opted for another PK Compact infiltration system with a total volume of 93 m³, as well as two additional 3P Hydrosystems 1500 for drainage.

After thorough examination, the choice fell on an infiltration system made of a highly porous gravel material from PK Regenwassermanagement in Ahlen-Dolberg, Germany, in which the water is temporarily stored and can then completely infiltrate.

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